Dog Walking Baltimore Service Tips: How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost

Dog Walking Baltimore Service Tips As adults, we pay for all kinds of insurance to protect the things we love. Everything from health insurance to car insurance but what about pet insurance? If you have a four-legged companion, it’s something you should consider especially if you have a puppy or older dog. But, you’re probably thinking can I really afford another bill? You may be surprised. Today with more adults becoming pet owners there are more affordable plans to ensure your pet gets the health service it needs without breaking the bank. We will break down how pet insurance is determined, what’s included, and the price

How is pet insurance determined?

The cost of pet insurance is not the same across the board, but it is determined by two factors – age and breed. How young or how old your pet is can determine the price of your insurance plan. Because puppies are younger and are prone to more health issues from common conditions, the price will be a little higher compared to dogs who are 6 months or older. And lastly, different breeds can ultimately determine how much you pay for pet insurance. Mixed breeds are generally cheaper for pet insurance than pure breeds because of the illness and genetically predisposed ailments that have a history of affecting pure breeds.

What’s included with pet insurance 

Pet insurance plans vary depending on what you need and are broken into two categories – accidents or accidents and illness. If you have a younger pet, you may want to opt for accidents and illness policy that include things like vaccinations, deworming and regular check-ups. For older dogs, looking at policies that include x-rays and medications if your dog is diabetic or has a pre-condition illness may be a top priority. Similar to the age and breed of your dog, this will help give you a glimpse of what to expect from their medical history, which in return can help determine what kind of pet insurance plan is best for your dog.

The average price for pet insurance

Finally, we get to the million-dollar question. What is the cost!? According to Value Penguin, the average cost of premium pet insurance is $42.45 that covers accidents and illness, and that is probably cheaper than your internet bill. With so many insurance providers offering pet insurance finding one that fits your needs and budget shouldn’t be a problem.

When it comes to your pet, nothing is worse than having to pay for an emergency you don’t have coverage for. If you don’t have pet insurance, use this information to get started on your quest today. Nothing prepares you for the future like having an affordable plan in place – and some quality dog walking Baltimore service.

Here is a good site to compare pet insurance plans and prices.